Download Alexa App for Echo Dot Setup

Echo Dot Setup is a fairly easy process that can be done in a few minutes, You just need to Download Alexa App or you can also get your Amazon Echo Dot Setup by visiting

  1. Getting the Alexa Application

Download Alexa app clicks here or you can go the app store on your mobile phone and search for the Alexa App. Then click on the download button when you find this app. It will take just a few minutes to download Alexa app. If working on a computer system, you need to follow the link and follow the downloading process. can be reached through any browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari.

The first step towards setting up of Echo Dot is plugging the device and opening of the Alexa app to start the setup process.

2. Plugging in the Echo Dot device for Setup


The next step in the process of Echo Dot setup is plugging in the device. Find the power jack and plug the power adapter into it. Take the end of the power adapter and plug it into the wall socket.


3. Waiting for the device to initialize

After plugging the device and turning it on, wait for a couple of seconds so that the device gets initialized. The front light indicator on the device will indicate the turning on of the device. This means that the Echo Dot is ready for the final setup.


Download Alexa App


4.   Opening the application and selecting your echo device

Now it turns to open the Alexa app to setup echo that was earlier downloaded to your phone. The bottom right of the screen will show the cog-shaped icon. Pressing this icon will take you to the settings menu. The Wi-Fi connection process can be started by selecting the option “Set up a new Echo Alexa Device”. Select the right device from the menu and also choose the correct language from the next page.

5.  Echo Dot Connecting to Wi-Fi

The connection process can be initiated by selecting ‘Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi’ from the next page. In case any problem is encountered, one needs to press and hold the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi button for five seconds until one hears a tone. The Echo Dot has to be reset o factory settings and setting has to be done all over again. One can also unplug the device and plug it again if the connection fails to establish.

6.  Talking to Alexa

The wake work for the device is set to ‘Alexa’ by default. It can easily be changed by going to the settings menu. It provides the option to change the wake word. Start talking to the app by saying simple and clear sentences.